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The team at the Law Office of Ronald R. Brackle in Fairbury, NE has the necessary experience to tackle any case, from wills and trusts law to criminal law. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Nebraska Bar Association, and the National Small Business Association, we know how to provide legal assistance to individuals and small businesses in communities like Fairbury, Beatrice, Hebron and Wilber.
Whatever they need, we are ready to make sure that our clients are taken care of to the best of our ability. 

Wills and Trusts Law

Wills and trust law can be complicated and involves mixed emotions from all the parties involved. If you've been chosen as the trustee for a family member or if you're considering making a will, Ronald R Brackle Atty can assist you. We will assist you from your initial draft to the completed planning.

The area's attorney Ronald R Brackle has experience in wills, trusts, and even living wills and living trusts. Our firm has represented client interests through power of attorney as well as, by managing affairs when the client was unable to. We know the ins and outs of wills and trusts law, and will always make sure your interests are fully and fairly represented. 
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Estate Law

Our firm in Fairbury is highly experienced and helpful when it comes to estate law. Each person acquires in a lifetime a variety of assets, and that is what makes up one's net value. Come to our wills and trusts law office and we will help you organize your estate for the time when you will be no longer here to manage it. We are the estate planning professionals you need. 

Remember, estate law is of great importance when it comes to declaring bankruptcy.

You deserve a lawyer who can provide a full estate services coverage, and who understands what all of your legal options are!
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Probate Law

When it comes to probate matters, our firm in Fairbury has expert advice. After the decease of a loved one, there can be many underlying emotions and confusion implied when it comes to probate law. 

But for managing the distribution of assets, or contesting someone's will in a court of law, we promise a firm representation. We will make sure your voice is heard and that justice to you is made!
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